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I know you missed my verses, long time without reading me.
That's right my love, with my written poems I was absent.
See? I keep loving you, I think a lot about you, believe me,
this is a love that never ends, exist inside my heart.

As you know these days of love and joy are beautiful,
the month of December is to celebrate Holy Christmas.
the house is adorned with luminous Christmas ornaments,

the fireplace beautifies the burning fire, is to remind you.

I remember how beautiful was writing my rhymes of love.
In each Christmas period, every letter, each prose,
embodied with the blood ink of the bottom of my heart,
I am here again for you, with my melodious writing.

Love, have a pleasant Merry Christmas, thinking of me,
You soak each of my cells, you are deep in my being.
Let's toast for true love, for the vivid memories.
Cheers! For desires to do, and not forget yesterday.

Author: Karinoza45
© Rights reserved
November 25, 2023

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December 18, 2023

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