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Christmas touches us, makes us happy, imbues us with love.
On this day we would like to have the whole family together, to give them that warm warmth that is so needed to appreciate each other more than ever.

We would like the 365 days of the year to be like Christmas, sometimes for a while we do not see relatives, or acquaintances who have been absent from our lives for some reason, we miss them, we remember the loved ones who have departed this world.

We would like to decorate the Christmas tree with greeting cards with each of their names, with a small gift that means too much to those who give it and receive it with affection.

All around there are wonderful decorations of spheres, colored lights, gifts under the Christmas tree, the essence of fresh pine, flowers and Christmas species, contrasts the nativity of the Child Jesus, peace is perceived. 

May this Christmas your dreams come true, may nothing tarnish your happiness, keep going, make those who love you happy, have fun, celebrate Christmas in a big way as if it were the last day. 

On Christmas Eve, music is played, the appetizing dinner is prepared, everyone is happy to celebrate, a toast of wine giving thanks to God, for a more together Christmas, a Holy Night full of peace and tenderness.

Merry Christmas!

Author:  Karinoza45
All Rights Reserved
November 25, 2023


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