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Prende El Audio Happy Thanksgiving Day, Give Thanks

Another month of November, another day of Giving Thanks to God in difficult times, the world is no longer the same, so much disease, virus variants, fatalities from climate change events, crop threats are threatened, delicacies are scarce, the high cost of natural resources, conflicts between countries continue affecting the security in the world and the economy. 

Let us give thanks to God for what can still be harvested, for the blessed dinner served at our Thanksgiving table, is an important day of give thanks for the valuable rich food, for being on this occasion celebrating with all our loved ones, the dearest.  Pray for our sustenance will not be lacking, that we will not go hungry.  Lord, we are in your hands, protect us.

Thank you Lord, for keeping the family together on this great day, for giving thanks for the bread and delight that you offer us every day. Have mercy, for those who are in disconforts, cold and hungry, they are alone.  You don't forget anyone, everything passes in its own time, everyone has their time to thank you, bless us all, kind and miraculous Lord.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

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November 19, 2023

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