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It's left a year behind
Of sweet and bitter memories,
dreams that fate did not achieve.
It's left behind, there's always hope
Don't stop, start over.

A beautiful New Year begins,
with new goals and ends to achieve.
One more year of new illusions,
dreams of one day achieving success.

Spend time with the ones you love.
Let next year be your chance,
Show how much you love them
Ask for forgiveness, if necessary,
Let there be no doubt in your heart.

Tell how much they means to you
how important it is in your life.
Tell you need them, that you love them
Don't wait, don't put it off until tomorrow 
what you can tell them precisely today.
In this coming year, make that person
feels like a SUPER SPECIAL being.

To a New Year of Happiness
May it bring great doses of blessings,
May your heart be filled with Love,
richly surrounded by faith and spiritual joy.
May God live enduringly in you. 
May heaven enlighten you with good health, 
and may it be a New Year of prosperity...

©  Karinoza45
December 28, 2002

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