Twin Tower Tragedy

The tragedy that recently took place,
Is one that we 
as americans can never face.

We lost many in the blink of an eye
Without knowing it'd be
our last chance to say good bye.

So many innocent and precious lives taken away.
Bin Laden and his team
have no idea the price they'll pay.

With a number of deceased plumetting sky high,
all we can do is ask ourselves... why?
America is the land of the free
and pulled together despite
this sadness are we.

In search of the terrorists
we are to this day.
To assure them that
for their actions they will pay.

For all the tears and broken hearts
we cannot mend,
This madness must eventually
come to an end.

But the damage is done,
they've gone too far.
For we will not rest,
even if the result is war.

By: Lisa M Gliha
Lisa Ia boricua-Copyright © 2001
Derechos Reservados


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